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Gundog Training

Here at K and L we customize training to fit the dog and handler, not everyone wants a dog steady to wing and shot or doing 200 yd blind retrieves. We pride ourselves on giving honest evaluations of the owners dog and their expectations of what the dog can be. We train dogs one step at a time with a goal in mind. If you are a bird hunter who hunts pheasants you probably wouldn’t want a dog that stands steady to wing and shot. Our clients who hunt on preserves on liberated birds like a steady dog because there is much less chance of a dog being shot over a low flying bird.

Most hunters have a mental picture of what they expect in a finished dog. It is our job to get that same mental picture and make suggestions on a training program that will teach your hunting companion to accomplish the job you expect. We try our best to be flexible and willing to work with the owners as much as possible. We prefer that owners are involved throughout the training. The more times you see your dog during training the better you understand his progress. Without exception dogs and trainers have good and bad days, the more you are involved even if just by phone or email the more comfortable you will be with us and our methods. We are more than willing to provide references and urge you to use them. Please be courteous and brief as these people don’t receive compensation for the time they spend with you.

I am always happy to meet with new clients and discuss how we can help. Feel free to call or just drop by. I am usually here or close by. The phone numbers on our home page are cell phones that are with us.